Why outsource your components? 

There are plenty of reasons to outsource the production of your single part, sub-assemblies or even complete assembled and fully tested machines. A few of the most important ones:

• Lower operational and labor costs

• Benefit of our global presence and thus global knowledge

• Avoiding peaks in production for seasonal products with the use of (rolling) forecasts

• When you outsource the production of your products, you can focus on the core aspect of your business.
    Focus on your engineering and sales. A win-win situation.

Want to know more about the oursourcing possibilities at Outtech International? Curious at our price-level?Need help with setting up a reliable forecast? Please contact us at info@outtech-int.com.


Supply chain management

Supply Chain

Managing an efficient end-to-end supply chain is essential in building an optimized industrial process. At Outtech International, we offer cost-efficient processes, systems and infrastructure at minimum cost and risk exposure, based entirely on your demands.

Global sourcing

Global Sourcing

Our global and local presence gives you both high-end quality and performance at international standards, as well as native market knowledge. Local presence and understanding local culture is key in order to maintain quality and therewith building long-time relationship with reliable partners.

Delivery performance

Delivery Performance

Outsourcing  is more than just being the supplier who can deliver a product for a good price.
We are continously measuring our performance based upon quality, delivery times and overall customer experiences.