The most beautiful products always started out of an idea. You can challenge us to realize your idea into a fully functional endproduct. Customers whises are offcourse leading in this process.

Thanks to our experience in industrial product design, we can engineer your product in not only the most appealing designs, but also in the most cost effective manufacturing possibilities.
By the use of software like Solid-Works, Autocad and Inventor, we can engineer any product, from plastics to welded steel constructions.

Machined parts 

In our supply-chain we have a wide variety in conventional as well as cnc lathe and milling machines. We can provide you with simple machined parts up untill the most challenging part made at 5-axle milling machine. Single parts, medium series or large quantities, everything is possible in ferrous and non-ferrous material. Please contact us for our possibilities.

Sheet metal

With a wide range of specialized machines, dedicated for the production of parts made out of sheet metal, Outtech International is able to produce the most complicated and innovative designs. 

Lasercutting, bending, stamping, deep drawing. With a yearly long experience in sheet metal production, we have loads of knowledge on all production techniques to produce your sheet metal components with high end quality standards against a very competitive price level.


Injection moulding, roto-moulding, laser-cutting, vacuum forming. These are just some of the techniques we currently are using to produce products made out of plastics for our customers.
A wide range of colours, dimensions and materials, it is possible at Outtech-International.

Are you interested if we can produce your plastic product? We invite you to challenge us!

Quality control

When you outsource the production of your components, you want to make sure that you are dealing with a reliable partner. Not only does your product has to meet it’s technical requirements at all times, but also just-in-time delivery is an important step in a reliable partnership.

With the use of amongst others 3D measuring devices and the standard Outtech International quality protocols, we can guarantee that your product will meet your technical demands.
With our dedicated tracibility system Outtech International makes sure that you have your product when you need it.